21 July 2004

I'm back from camp. I had an awesome time with the kids out at Arlington. I felt like a chicken running around with my head cut off sometimes but overall I think it went well. As a kid I really hated Arlington: the lake was gross, the drinking water was putrid and I felt like I got snubbed by a lot of the other kids. But as a grown-up I've really enjoyed my time out there. I spent a weekend in Feb, a weekend in May and now a week in July out there and they were great times. I'm starting to catch the feeling of community  that is at Arlington. It is a great place and I plan to invest more time and energy there in the future.
I spent a lot of time reading "Life of Pi" and the book just gets better and better. I'm 50 pages from the end and I'm already out looking for the next Yann Martel book to read. If you have any suggestions or books that you think are like Life of Pi please comment below...I'm generally a pretty slow reader and don't have the attention span for long chapters....and that is the best part about this book for me...it has these little two page chapters...sort of like reading Blog entries.
This week I'll be up to a whole lotta urban stuff. Even though I enjoyed the lake I get really antsy to get back to the city. I love watching TV, going to movies, eating out, drinking Starbucks...so when I'm away I miss that stuff. I also really miss my wife. This time more than most. I don't know why but I really wanted to be with her.....I ditched a little early from camp on Saturday night so that I could come home and see her. The longer we're married the better we get at it. I love her and I'm loving our marriage. I should save some material for another time so I'll end this post now...

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