08 July 2004

Today I did one of my favorite rainy day things....coffee and reading at Starbucks. I'm working my way through "The Life of Pi". I echo all others who say that it's a fantastic book. I'm just at the part where the boat goes down an he's about to start his lifeboat journey. I'm so intrigued by many of the spiritual questions that this book poses. It highlights the pros of several major religions and gives insight into their appeal to people. I'm happily convinced with Christianity however I am willing to admit that Christians are flawed and sometimes make our faith look bad.(including myself) And it's no wonder that so many people explore other faith options. I think that Christians judge other faiths as well and sometimes it's an uneducated judgement. It's my goal in the next year to invest some time into learning about other faiths so that I can make educated opinions and decisions. I challenge all of you to educate yourselves on the religions out there so that when making your case you are intellectually prepared not just emotionally prepared.

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