18 August 2004

This Friday the new Exorcist movie comes out and I'm so excited. I have to admit that for some reason scary movies are my favorite. It's my movie weakness, for some people it's cheesy eighties shows, or kung-fu movies, or even foreign films but my achilles heel is scary stuff. Some of my favorite movies come from the horror/thriller genres:
1)Silence Of The Lambs
3)The Shining
5)The Exorcist

I can't pinpoint why but when a director and writer can create a moment of true fear or suspense that's when I find myself truly sucked into a film. Comedy is easy and drama can bring tears by easily pushing our emotional buttons but to get us scared and on the edge of our seats when we know it's coming is a true feat. We all know the scary stuff is coming and yet if it's done properly it still gets us everytime. I also really like CSI because it also plays with the viewers mind and often walks that line of creepy and suspenseful. Are there any other scary movie lovers out there? I'm always up for a movie night....

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