02 September 2004

I'm sort of having a mental drought. This week seems to be pretty stressful. University starts next week, the fall ministry season is starting and everyone wants anwers and, of course, my wife is away. I'm just a bit frazzled and can't seem to focus to much on any one thing. I hope my head straightens out by next week so that I can restart those academic juices.

The blog that got erased basically outlined my busy weekend last week. It was full of wonderful times with friends and family. I got to spend time with Nevada, Tim (who I haven't seen in years), Jeb, Tom, Erin(who I haven't seen all summer), Andrew, Erin, Ted, James, Ted's Family, Rod and Sheri, G'ma and G'pa McKenzie and some of my friends at church. It was just a good heart warming time when I realized how blessed I am to love and be loved.

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