09 September 2004

Today was the first day of classes. I had three to go to and they all look super fun. The first was Anthropology 111 which is a basic look at cultures around the world. With my travelling experiences I've grown fond of other cultures and I can't wait to learn even more. One of the cool things was that the prof said that to be relevant to today's world she was adding a unit on body art and piercing. Right up my alley... The second class I had was English 370- Biography and Autobiography. It's also gonna be awesome cuz it's totally based around discussion and group work. To be honest it's a whole class based around the "book report". We read Biographies and Autobiographies and then share about them in class. That's about it!!! And I love biographies.....we get to pick our own so that'll be cool....I can read about anyone I want to. The last class was Chinese 111. As many of you know I lived and taught in Taiwan. While I was there I studied a little Chinese and did quite well. So this class should be a breeze and a good chance for me to stay in practice. I hope to someday return to Asia and knowing Chinese would make that experience even better. So that was my first day. It looks like it's gonna be a great year !!!

We have our first get together with the senior high kids at Lakeview tomorrow and I'm pretty stressed about that. I want this year to be so good and so smooth and it starts tomorrow. Please pray that the right kids are there and that it all goes down smootly....

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