25 October 2004

Today was my team's first basketball game of the season. I had a spectacular first 2 mins of the game. I scored from all over but that's where it ended. They played hard defense on me the rest of the game and I had to sit back in my role as a passer. Not to mention my body is not what it used to be. That's a funny statement considering I've always been the fat guy. Now I'm the biggest I've ever been and lugging myself up and down the court is a tough one. I'm hoping with a practice and game every week I'll get into better shape. I'm also trying to make a few lifestyle choices that will get me into better shape. I have no grandiose dreams of losing large amounts of weight but I would like to carry my weight with health and a decent fitness level. I guess we'll see how that goes....please don't leave any negative comments....if you don't have something nice to say don't say it at all...

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Everybody's Auntie said...

Good for you man. I know what you mean. Increasing one's health is a noble quest; one I'm on as well.
But I think you look FINE! Best hair I've seen on you since I've known you! And man, you've had a lot of hair! ;)