23 November 2004

After my Blog blitz of early last week I ran out of steam. But today begins a new week. I don't have much interesting to say but I can say that I'm excited about the coming Christmas season. I love Christmas!! It's exciting in so many different ways: Jesus' birth, family and friends, holidays, christmas trees, lights, presents, Santa etc. These are the common things that give us all a little Christmas buzz but here are the few things that are most valuable to me: egg nog, special events (Christmas parties, banquets), spending time with friends and family from out of town, driving around looking at lights, watching Home Alone (big time favorite of mine), playing games, and best of all relaxation. What are your favorite things about the Christmas season?

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Cathy said...

One of my favorites is decorating the upstairs tree with clear balls and antique ornaments and white lights, and sitting alone in the dark looking at its beauty. Very peaceful.