18 November 2004

I repeat Amazing Race is the best reality show out there. I went over to my brother in law Nate's place to watch with him and his girlfriend and her sister and brother in law. We watched the first episode which was a gooder cuz they did snow first this time rather than at the end. I really enjoy spending time with Nate and Sandra. Then after the show we chose our teams for the pool we're having. Each couple: Nevada and Me, Nate and Sandra, and Jody and Brent picked three teams. The winner of the pool will be the cumulative highest finishers. We cut cards and highest card picked first. Nevada and I ended up with: (check pics below)

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Everybody's Auntie said...

Well; I can't endorse your team choices bud.:) But I guess if it's a pool you do have to truly go with you think will win.. I just go with my heart and vote for who I would like to win.:)

Hey; it worked for Chuck & Kim.. well; after my first choice Charla & Mirna bit the biscuit.:)

What's new with senior high lately?? Haven't seen you write much! :) Do update! It's easier to pray for ya that way! ;)