02 November 2004

Last night I was able to continue my favorite Halloween tradition of watching scary movies. My thoughts:

THE SHINING- It's getting to a point where I've seen it so many times that the scary stuff just isn't impacting any more. It's still a fascinating piece of cinema hsitory and a fine example fo Kubrick's work. I found myself mostly paying attention to the aesthetics. The hotel in the shining is an amazing facility. The decor and architecture are top notch. I also tried to think of why certain things were in the show. The more a person studies film the more you find out that everything that's on screen is there for a reason. I wondererd about furniture, paintings, lighting, clips on the TV that the characters were watching etc. It's a great movie and I recommend it to most....I'll continue to watch it yearly.

SEVEN- I've also watched this one many times but it's not nearly exhausted. The darkness of this film is so well crafted. Everything is dark colors and adds to a feeling of seriousness and the negativity of the subject matter. It's also a phenominal cast that would cost a film company tons o'cash to put together these days: Brad Pitt, Gwyneth Paltrow, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey. There's a couple of oscars floating around in their hands. I still get disturbed by this movie. Mostly in the last half of the movie when we meet the killer and have to listen to his twisted thoughts but I'm most disturbed by the final scene when Brad Pitt's wife's head is delivered to him in a box and it forces him to become WRATH. It's a well crafted movie that I will continue to watch and analyze.


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