27 November 2004

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This weekend is highlighted by two things for me: The Vanier Cup (Canadian College Football Championship) and The Worship Freehouse. I'm looking forward to the Huskies mending the wounds left behind by the province's other Green and White team. As a man of 25, I'm at the tail end of the university age but I find pride in the Huskies because some of my peers play on that team. Guys I played football with/against or people that I know in the community. It's neat. I look forward to a high scoring affair with the Huskies coming out on top 38-24.

The other highlight of my weekend is The Worship Freehouse. It's been a long time since we've had a Freehouse night. I miss the experiential learning and worship but most of all I miss the people there that I don't normally come into contact with. It's a rag tag bunch of people from all over the spiritual map and I find that as we challenge each other and learn together "real" community is created. It's an environment that when done right is unique and inspiring in this city that often becomes monotonous and "normal". I'm also really excited because I'll be worshipping by playing guitar...I haven't played much since returning from Taiwan so this will be fun. I'm playing with Todd Peters who is a master guitar stylist so no matter how bad I am he'll make it look good. Here's the official write up about this weeks Freehouse from the Godfather himself Jordon Cooper:

"November 28th is fast approaching. That night we will be looking at the geneology of Jesus. Not only will be looking at that time line but also the time line of our own generations. The generations above us, our parents, our care givers, and both the good and the bad.

We, like Jesus, are all born into a family tree with its own history of shame and defiance, of glory and exile, we like Jesus are all born into an ethnically mixed line of descent. As we look back individually and collectively, we will see both the good and the need for grace. Matthew's geneology says the Messiah is birthed out of longing, out of the pain of our history, out of the longing for freedom, out of our need to be saved.

We are gathering together for a worship party on November 28th at the Saskatoon Unitarian Centre's chapel (it's at the back of the place and is the hexagon shaped room... we will have signs up and can be found at 912 Idylwyld Drive North). Todd Peters will be one of the worship leaders, Nathan Pederson has the hard task of bringing our words and experiences together, we will also be experiencing the stations of Advent, as well as communion that Sunday. We will be starting at 8:00 p.m. and wrapping up around 9:30. There is no charge for the event (we will take a free-will offering), and like all Worship Freehouse events, it is open for all ages. See you there"

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