17 November 2004

We've had a shakeup in our house in regards to portable electronics. I bought a refurbished Palm Zire 71 two months ago. Because it was refurbished it was cheap but it didn't come with a warranty. What usually happens to things that don't have warranty...they break...and guess what...my palm broke. It would cost me just as much to fix it so forget it. Long story short, I've come to rely on the benefits of a Palm so I needed to replace it. As I looked into various handheld devices I found the Apple iPod tweaking my interest....it stores lots of music and does some of the basic functions of a Palm...it's also very compatible with my laptop. The only problem is that they are quite expensive. So I needed to make some cash appear. Since I was getting a device that could play music I decided to sell my MD player. In the end I sold mine and Nevada's MD players and accessories and replaced them with an iPod (20GB) for me and a Palm Zire31 for Nevada (it has music capabilities and can help her organize her crazy teaching life...this one is new and comes with warranty). Check out the pics below...

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