11 December 2004

re: yesterdays post

The party last night was awesome. They brought 48 kids which incidentally is double their average numbers. They were blown away and they were especially drawn to the snowcones and cotton candy. These 50 kids probably put away just as much cotton candy and snow cones as the 200 kids that were at the Zou shaker last week. And apart from the food they loved the amusements we had in the gym...you couldn't stop them from bouncing in the bouncy pits. The event was also good for our people both leaders and students. Everyone chipped in and worked hard to make the night go smoothly. The thing that I took away was a comment from Mark, one of the Bridge leaders....I said, "I hope these kids had fun tonight." and he responded "Fun isn't the word for it. This will be something these kids will remember forever." We take so much for granted in our suburban white upper-middle class church, when our kids attend an event they think its cool for like a week and then they expect it again soon but for these inner city kids it was a life impacting night. And to be honest it was fairly easy to plan and facilitate so I'm sure we'll do it again....God used us to brighten up the spirits of some kids who don't always have light in their lives. He answered all of my prayers and everyone involved experienced his touch.

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Kristin, Katrina & Nate said...


All I can say is wicked-awesome. God is good!

Just headin' out the door to see Keith as Santa Claus.