10 January 2005

I see that that no one has enjoyed my basketball posts...well too bad, it's an important part of my life.

Let's talk about the the biggest thing going on in the life of my wife and I. This year has been tough for us being seperated 5 days a week so we are already thinking hard about next year. There are a few solid opportunities for us and we're currently doing our best to weigh the pros and cons of these scenarios. Option#1-Remain the same for one more year...I would stay in Saskatoon and continue on with more university and Nevada would continue to work in Kindersley. Option#2-Return to Taiwan...Nevada has applied for a band teaching job at an american school (real school) in Koahsiung...I would teach English and continue to study Chinese. Option#3- Pursue opportunities in BC....I am in talks with a church in BC about a youth pastor job...Nevada could hopefully find teaching work.

These are the three main things we are considering. Right now we are most interested in returning to Taiwan, second BC and third Status Quo. We had such a wonderful time in Taiwan and we would love to return there and continue on with unfinished business: I would love to continue to study Chinese as it is becoming very important in the international community and may provide future opportunities...Nevada would love to continue on with a children's ministry she helped start when we were there. We have friends there, work there, a good quality of life, time for each other etc. It's all good except for the distant from our family and friends here....this is a big issue for us because I am an adventurer at heart and Nevada would lean more to the traditionalist side of things (house, family, steady job)....I see some of her side and since we went away the first time she definitely sees my side. Anyways....this is what is majorly weighing on our minds and hearts....it's a big decision and I believe God will give us an answer....please pray for us and think about us as we face this major decision in our lives.


Melissa said...

Well...I think you know which option I'd like you to go for. It would be so great to have you back and I could really use both of you in really cool things going on here now. I know that you will make the choice that's right for you and where you're at.

Anonymous said...

Steve says--- keep on keeping on. I am reminded of a comment you made when we returned from a Promisekeepers Conference. "As for me an my house we will serve the Lord!" Chester, God will continue to provide the desires of your heart. The tough part can be that He needs to work on us so we can clearly identify the desires of our heart. So much is in preparation for something greater than we can imagine.

Trust in God and he will honour you.