05 January 2005

Tomorrow is a big day in the McKenzie household. The day starts with an appointment in court. I will be fighting a yellow light ticket I got in October. It was a funky intersection with train tracks and I proceeded with caution so I hope the judge sees it my way. Then university starts up again and I have a new class....Geography....should be interesting. After a day of classes I have a couple hours left with my wife and then she's off to Kindersley. It'll be a busy day and I can't wait. Although the highlight of my week is yet to come. It's BRIT week once again. I love high school basketball!! Anyone can win on any given night and these kids play with such passion...BRIT is also a great place to check out the talent from the rest of Canada. I'm looking forward to seeing Edmonton's Ross Shepperd team....my Holy Cross boys are going for the first BRIT threepeat ever but I have to be honest I don't think it's gonna happen. They are a young team and they have some tough competition. I'm predicting a Campbell/Ross Shep final. Later...

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Anonymous said...

Well Chester, did the judge take sympathy or hold to the premise only enter an intersection when it is safe to do so and also exit the intersection?

I will be praying for you and Nevada as you consider the options and directions God has and will present to you.

God Bless, Steve