18 February 2005

I tuned in to the CTV news piece on Blogging. It was good. It brought to light a trend that a lot of us have been plugged into for quite a while. I think Grrrlmeetsworld did a great job of sharing about Blogging and she was true to herself which was nice. I didn't appreciate the Sociology prof who said that it wasn't a good idea to share our opinions and thoughts online cuz it can get you into trouble. I think the beauty of Blog is that it's an excercise in free speech and it allows us to put our thoughts out there to be supported or challenged. The thing that hit me the most in a positive way was when "some guy" (not sure what his title was) from the university talked about Blogging giving people the chance to be an author a paragraph at a time. It gives all of us a chance to be published....I think this is what I like the most about blogging. I hope to one day write a book or some plays and this online journal gives me practice....as far as translating thoughts onto the page and perhaps honing my storytelling abilities. I'm a good story teller live but not so much in the written department. Those are my thoughts today on Blogging.

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