15 March 2005

7am and still awake...I'm gonna catch a two hour nap and then head off to school. I was just checking out my Blogger profile and it still says that I only have 233 posts but I know I have way more than that. I wish it would update...I've looked in the troubleshooting section of Blogger and they said this can sometimes be a problem...maybe someday I'll go through all of my archives and count...sounds fun


Everybody's Auntie said...

Aren't we supposed to be keeping you accountable about this sleeping thing?? And aren't you just coming up a horrible 'death's door' illness?? Do I need to phone your wife and/or mother on you? :)

Love you bro and praying for you thru all this homework!!

Everybody's Auntie said...
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Chester said...

Normally the sleeping thing is still in effect but when deadlines have to be met I have to push myself. This for sure will not be the norm.