12 April 2005

My restful weekend was great. I got some sleep, went to a movie, played some basketball, played some video games..etc...Now it's time to do the finals thing. I have four in-class exams and a hand in paper that counts as an exam. It'll be a busy 3 weeks but it'll be a good experience because then I'm done. I haven't talked about the MIX (youth group) in a while so here goes...we're doing a series about SEX right now. What the world says...what God says...and what does all that mean to these kids. Last week we split the guys and girls and spent some time talking about sex. It was a good night and we got a lot of insight into what our kids are dealing with. SEX is sometimes a taboo subject to talk about in church but it's a reality and it's something we've committed to addressing...we're talking abour hot topics like: oral sex, masturbation, std's, pornography etc. Too often we shy away from these things but that's what these kids are dealing with on a day to day basis. I've been blessed with an ability to be open and to be frank and this is the perfect time to use it. I would like to ask all of the parents and teachers who read this to think about being more open. The reason that kids don't open up to adults is that they are afraid of the response (angry parents) or there is an uncomfortable feeling in the air when talking about touchy issues (which is something that comes from a lack of openness throughout their upbringing). If we want kids to know the truth and to make the right decision we actually have to face the issues rather than just forcing them to have YES or NO stances........ok back to the studying.


SarahJ said...

Yes Chester...we all know YOU have no shame when it comes to talking about sex...

Anonymous said...

You can be open about talking about SEX but sometimes it requires sensitivity.
I am assuming your upbringing and our discussions are helpful in dealing with Teens and their sexuality now.
Your Mom