03 April 2005

One week of classes left...that means you'll only have to listen to me talk about it for 7 more days. I have one major paper remaining. I started the research this afternoon and I hope to get a couple of pages written by the end of today. Tomorrow will be a couple more and then I 'll be halfway done. I don't worry about finals all that much because I like exams. My mind performs best under pressure. The high stress and time constraints that other people freak out about is what I thrive on.

I want to make a comment on the "married people living apart" thing. This week has been tough for Nevada and I. We aren't used to sharing space anymore and the compromise that comes with that hasn't come easily. I don't recommend living apart to anyone who is getting married. It's workable for one semester or three months ish but for a year it's too tough. It's something that we felt we had to do and there has been positives....Nevada got to teach and I got to finish school. The whole idea of marriage is the union of two people and when that union isn't preserved it hurts the relationship. The first couple months in Taiwan will be a double adjustment period. It'll be a time to adjust to being overseas again but it'll also be an adjustment of re-establishing our marriage bond. I look forward to "getting to know" my wife again. I think a year ago we are at a great place and we will be there again. It'll take a little work and some guidance from God....

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