15 April 2005

That was the toughest exam I've ever written. You always hear people say that "failed that exam" meaning that they did poorly but in my case I'm almost sure I failed that exam. This is the first university exam I've ever performed so terribly. It was as though the thing was written in jibberish. I've probably put in a good 5-7 hours of studying, looking over notes and re-visting the proffessors power point presentations. Once I sat down it was all a blurr. I respect people who study sciences...I could never ever do it. I needed a 30% on the exam to pass the class and the prof announced that he was going to curve the marks up so I should be o.k. for a pass but I expect more of myself. I will use this let down as my fuel to do well in my remaining finals...they're in subjects I understand so I should be able to pick up the pace.

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