28 April 2005

Theresa CD

Theresa CD
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I went to high school with Theresa and she's a wonderful person. I had the chance to meet her again as a celebrity today at Future Shop. I stood in line with hundreds of little kids and their parents to get my CD signed. I acted non-chalant as I approached, I told her that she was doing Holy Cross alumni proud. She looked up and recognized me right away. We chatted for a whole 10 seconds and exchanged a handshake. Then I moved on like everyone else. I think it's funny that I knew her as a younger student in high school when I was the boss and now I have to wait in line to get 10 seconds with her. I'm proud of her though and I encourage you all to pick up the album. Whether you like her music or not it's good to support Sask music.

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Glenn said...

Chester -- I tagged you over at Fully Devoted -- check it out.