03 May 2005

I'm so looking forward to tomorrow. It will be my first day off in a long time. Last month killed me....I was doing the whole finals thing, which was the worst ever and we had the move to get ready for. Then last week was hell week...I had 4 finals and we moved. Today should've been the first free day but I had a China trip meeting, a dentist appointment, a doctor appointment, working at The Bridge and a youth leaders meeting. It was a 9am to 9pm day.....so that is why tomorrow's rest day is so important. I'm going to sleep in, drink some coffee, do some reading, shop and watch Amazing Race. I do have to do some work at the church but that'll be fun.

In other news....I got all my results back from my blood and stool samples (Taiwan residence visa necessities) and I'm healthy. I say this with happiness cuz I had this paranoia about HIV. I have no physical indications of HIV but I built up this thing in my mind...."I might have HIV cuz I got tattoos in shady countries?"...luckily enough I'm clean. But it did really make me think about the risks involved with getting tattoos in sketchy countries. I wanted the tattoos to be original and from the place they symbolize but now I don't think it's worth it. I'll just stick to the safe shops in Canada.

In sad news....my mom took our dog Sebastian in to the vet today and they say he's got a kidney problem that will probably lead to his death. He's been with us for a long time and he's sort of my little brother. It'll be a sad thing. I just ask you to pray for my mom cuz it'll be really hard on her....thanks

I have more but I'll save it for my upcoming free time....


Melissa said...

Glad to hear that you have some free time now. Sorry about Sebastian. Hope we can get together again before I take off on Friday!

Anonymous said...

hey - any day you find out that you're hiv free is a good day.