07 May 2005

Today has been the day I've needed for a long time. It's been my official rest day. I slept in, I've played some video games and now I'm on my computer. I think I will head to Starbucks to read a book about how to do anthropological work in the field. It's a book that my China trip prof gave me so that I can get a feel for what it is we'll be doing as far as the research component of our trip goes. Most of the people going on the trip are anthropology and sociology students which means observing people and reporting their findings is normal for them. I'm a step behind. I guess I've observed and reported on other cultures but never in a formal way. My prof said he was interested to hear how an english student will write up his findings. Maybe I can add a creative spin to things that will still maintain the integrity of the information but add and eloquence to the structure.

Speaking of the China trip....does any one out there have a large backpack that they can lend me or are interested in selling to me? I know a lot of people do the backpack through Europe/Australia thing and never use those big packs again. Leave me a comment if you have a backpack for me......

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