30 May 2005

The Top Ten list will be postponed for awhile....tomorrow I leave for China. I'm super excited and nervous. It's 11:15 and I think I have everything packed but there are always nerves about "what if I forget something?". The toughest part of this trip is leaving my wife for a month. Even though we are seperated monday to friday every week those weekends are so valuable. I will miss the hugs and the laughs.

I'm not sure what sort of internet access I'll have so I may or may not be blogging. I hope to drop in a couple of times but who knows.

Please pray for safety and amazing cross-cultural relations....I will miss you all and can't wait to catch up later. I'll be home on June 28 and then Nevada and I are off to NY for 10 days. We'll be back to hang out in Saskatchewan from July 10-27. Peace Out....


Melissa said...

Have a great time! Enjoy the sights eventhough you also have school work. There is such amazing history in China. I can't wait to hear about your adventures.

SarahJ said...

We will miss you Chester! Have fun!