17 June 2005

Hello readers...I've moved cities again, we're no longer in Beijing..no we're in Shenyang which is a city in the north of China. It's a starnge mix between rural and urban. There are something like 8 million people but they are a bit backwards. It's a step back to the old socialist time in recent Chinese history. Today has been a mellow day...we went to a famous Manchu cemetary and the Lei Fang Socialist Hero Museum. Many people in the group are sick and/or tired today so we have the night off. Most of us came directly to the internet cafe cuz we're needed a touch of home. This is my wau of being in touch even though people can't really talk back to me.

Before I left Nevada and I bought a video camera and it's been an awesome thing to have. I forgot the manual at home so I haven't been using any of the special features but I'm sure most of the footage will be usable. I'm excited to make the official trip dvd and share it with all of you. It'll be my first chance to use Mac video editing software....many hours of fun ahead.

Not much else to say right now...I'm tired and have diarrhea so I think it's time to get back to the hotel. If you have a minute please pray for my wife...she's having a tough time in Kindersley this week. Peace out...


SarahJ said...

I sure was in Kindersley today with the nerd camp...but I didn't see Nevada so I obviously wasnt at her school. Anyways, enjoy what's left of your trip!

Glenn said...

"I'm tired and have diarrhea" Ahh the joys of world travel. Thanks for keeping it real. Did you get to use any weird toilets yet?