05 June 2005

I'm sort of tired tonight so I won't say much.

We went to check out a Catholic Church today. It was beautiful...built about one hundred years ago by the French. The inside was super gotty...lots of colors, decorations, statues etc. It was no big deal but interesting to see. I got some good video footage so when I come home I'll share it with you. Our group went an hour before mass time so that we could look around without disturbing things but I stayed later for the mass. I normally enjoy a Catholic mass once and a while but this one was, as you can imagine, mostly in Chinese. The gospel readings were in English so that was nice but we were in the dark for the rest of the time. We left half way through but it was nice to be able to worship at all. China is more open to religion that I thought and I'll be glad to talk more about it when I come home....the chinese warning just came up that said I will lose connection soon so god bless and I'll be back

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Melissa said...

I'm glad things are going well for you. I am excited to hear about your trip. I came across a work possibility for you but will talk to you later about it. Enjoy! Keep safe and have fun!