08 June 2005

The last couple days have been fairly uneventful. We've been in Qufu taking in all of the Cinfuscius sites. Yesterday was long, hot and exhausting as we walked for hours around the Confuscius Temple and Kong Family Mansion. Just to clarify, in Chinese his name is Kong Zi. The sites were full of history and were very beautiful but after a while you get that feeling that everything looks the same so the effects wear off. The thing I liked the most were the trees. They had these huge trees everywhere that were spooky yet serene and beautiful. The vegetation here so far has blown me away. They have beautiful parks and grounds in all public places. Filled with trees, grass, flowers, shrubs etc. Taiwan is majorly lacking in that department.

Today we went to the Kong Forrest...or the Kong family grave yard. It's nothing like a western graveyard...It was more like a provincial park with gravestones tucked away throughout the forrest. It was quiet and it smelled wonderful. I could have sat and journaled for hours in comfort...but of course I forgot my journal. We got to see Confuscius' grave and that's pretty neat because he is one of the most famous people ever to live in China or the world for that matter.

That's all from me for now....today we have the afternoon and evening off so I'm going to have a nap in my Arctic (A/C) room and then get some major work done on my journal assignment. Dzai jian....goodbye.


SarahJ said...

Sounds like you're having a really sweet time! I would absolutely LOVE to see all of the buildings and stuff that you have seen there. You're one lucky guy! Things here are pretty dull..you sure aren't missing much! Have fun, talk to you soon!!

Geiger said...

Cool. I'd like to see pictures. Wish I was there.

Christy said...

Anybody else note the irony of using the words "hot and exhausting" after your toaster taxi fiasco? ;)