25 June 2005

Today is our last day in Shenyang. We're wrapping up our research and heading in to Beijing for some shopping and socializing. We also have presentations to make but I've never been afraid of a little speaking. We just finished the best meal ever in China...my favorite dish was the sweet and sour pork that I got the kitchen to cook with hot peppers...mmm...it may be an invitation for train diarrhea but what is adventure without the trots.

Last night we had a huge thunderstorm. The lightning flashed for several hours and the rain poured off and on. At around two o'clock it got really crazy and the power went out...and I'm not just talking in our hotel. I looked out my window and the whole campus was out and the suburb of the city was also out. It was pretty crazy...we had just heard that yesterday there was a flood related incident in Northern China that had killed 150 people so my active imagination got the best of me and I was worried for a few minutes. But really it was just a normal thunderstorm...Good times...I need to go now cuz my internet time is about to run out.


Anonymous said...

We had a pretty wicked thunderstorm here this week too in the middle of the night on Monday. I left my sun roof open too. I had to run outside at 2:30 in the morning and dodge lightning bolts to shut the sunroof which had already let in quite a bit of rain.
Good times.

Cathy said...

Pretty crazy weather over there in China - floods in some places and crazy heat in others. Glad to hear you haven't been in the middle of any of that and have had some good times.

Nevada said...

Thats funny that youhad one too, the loghtneing here was awesome. Shelen sent me some neat pictures I'll show you when you are home.