21 July 2005

I just spent some time scouting out the Ikea website. Some of you may or may not know this but I love to decorate and design. I think it's my mom in me. Taipei has a great big Ikea and I'm so anxious to hit it up next week. The school Nevada works for gives us a moving allowance which we can use for new furniture...it will buy a decent amount at Ikea. Because we're staying in Taiwan longer than the last time we're treating this apartment more like our home and less like a transient place to crash. That being said our last place was super nice...not too shabby but we didn't buy furniture of our choice nor did we paint and decorate. I've been living out of a suitcase for three months or so now and I can't wait for Nevada and I to have a place to call our own again. That brings up another issue....having input from two people on how the place should look...I think with some ideas and compromise from the two of us we should come up with a cool place. My first big idea is to take pictures of places around Saskatoon and have them blown up and make a collage wall....like a whole wall...8ft by 10ft or whatever....I think that would be cool. Hopefully some of you will actually make it to Taiwan in the next couple years and you'll be able to see our nice place.


Melissa said...

the collage wall sounds like a cool idea. I'd have fun with you at Ikea. I hope to make it up soon after you arrive but I'll let you settle a bit.

Lynette said...

Hey Chester,

hope you guys have a great time in Taiwan.

if you're thinking of doing that blow-up poster thing, you should check out this website. it helps people take digital pics and do just that...blow it up, print it out on individual sheets and make a huge wall mural :)

Take care over there!