30 August 2005

Random thoughts

UPDATE: when I originally posted this I got 10 spam comments immediately so I've had to turn on a feature that makes you verify that you are a real person leaving a comment and not just a spam program.

I changed the template one more time to reflect the new design colors of our house. We've done some cool stuff with orange and green...I'll get some pics up here soon. Onto other things...we have lived here for 1 month now and haven't seen one cockroach in our house. Last time we killed small cockroaches weekly but here we've been lucky. We have a few little ants around and some tiny spider friends but none of those disgusting roaches. I start Chinese class on Thursday...which is really exciting for me. It starts to give me a rountine and I also can't wait to upgrade my communication skills. My chinese is weak right now....I can order things and get us around but I can't really communicate ideas and respond in conversations. As far as the job front goes...I have a great chance at getting a job with a company writing ESL textbooks but it has to wait until Chinese class is up and running. I don't have my school schedule yet and the job is waiting on that. Just to clarify for those of you that are concerned about me working...it's not an easy situation here in order for me to be able to work an employer has to sponsor a work visa and I also needed my resident card which we didn't get for awhile. We want to make sure that everything I'm doing is legal and by the book and that takes time.

In weather...there is another typhoon approaching Taiwan. It might hit on Wednesday which means national day off and it may last through Thursday. which means two days off. Why is that exciting? Free time with my wife.

In sports...not sure who is following the NBA off-season but the Lakers made another move this week signing Aaron McKie. I think it's a great move....he's gritty, he can shoot and he's a leader. Sure he's a bit old but he should work well in Phil's system and he will be able to differ to Kobe and Lamar....he's been doing it for years with Iverson.

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