14 August 2005

Yesterday was a fun day....a gang of us went to the Zoo for my b-day followed by Pizza and games at our place. The highlight of the day was getting to see our friend Karen. For those of you that don't know Karen is a Taiwanese girl who lived at my mom's house during her high school and university years. She has since returned and is living in Taipei. It was nice to see her in her environment....she's all grown up, has a haircut and talks about her job. I think she had fun with us and we'll definitely hang out again.

Aren't we a cute Taiwanese family

Nevada's first trip to a big zoo.

My 7-11 birthday cupcakes


Cathy said...

Happy Birthday, Chester!

SarahJ said...

Happy Birthday Chester! Glad that you had a good day!!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday

keep it real on the eastern scenerio


Becky said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you made your mom cry seeing all my kids together in Taiwan!
Glad you had a fun time together and are going to see each other again.