23 September 2005


A couple weeks ago our neighbor approached me and in very broken English asked me if I wanted a bed. I didn't quite understand why she was giving it away but we need a second bedroom bed so I said sure. I haven't seen much of her or heard from her since then but today she rang the doorbell and asked if I wanted to come get the bed....once again I said sure. I opened our front door and walked across the hall to move the bed. It's a bed frame in several parts so I was looking at a few trips. I made the first trip successfully. My neighbor's friend was there with us and she asked me if I had unlocked my door...I said yes (thinking in my head...how does she think I got out of my house without unlocking it)...what she really meant to say was did you prop the door open. I learned on my second trip what she meant...as I walked across the hall my door slammed shut. I'm standing there with no keys, no money and no shoes. Oops...I called Nevada at school and they couldn't find her so I had to call in a favor. I phoned my friend Andy (a fellow house husband) and asked if he could bike over to the school and get Nevada's keys for me. He graciously accepted the mission and showed up to rescue me a half-hour later. So now we have a bed...and I won't forget to leave the house without keys...even for a second.

Thanks Andy.

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SarahJ said...

hahah thats funny. Sounds like something Justin would do. Oh wait, no he only likes to lock keys in cars in the ignition, and running...and with the interior and exterior lights on. But, Im glad you got it all worked out!