02 October 2005

Blog drought

I got into such a good routine of Blogging and then lost it this week. Nothing that interesting happened so I didn't feel the inspiration. I was also really tired almost everyday last week and I really couldn't focus any of my thoughts. As most of you know I'm a night owl....I like to live nocturnally. It has always worked out for me but this 8 am class is killing me. I try to get to bed at a reasonable time but some nights it ends up being 2 or 3 am.(or even later) Then I'm up at 7 to get ready for class. I'm not asking for any sympathy just sharing my world. On Wednesday my teacher even suggested that I join the 10 am class next semester....I explained that I had tried to get into a 10 am class this semester but they didn't have one. It was pretty funny that she made that comment.

Nevada and I had a great weekend together. Yesterday we went out to a trendy shopping area of town called Ximen Ding. We weren't there to shop just to browse and people watch. It's one of those big city places with lots of lights and billboards. Today there was another typhoon so we were stuck inside but it ended up being a lot of fun. We watched some movies, did some homework, played games and ate some yummy tacos. Sunday is our favorite day of the week.

I should also mention that I was up this morning to listen to the Riders game on internet radio. It's a habit I've been getting into lately and I'm not sure if its a coincidence but they've won every game I've listened to..hhhmmm??? Today was a great game...a little tense but they were able to finish the job. Although their record isn't the best they may in fact be the best team in the league (when healthy). Green is the color and football is the game!!! Speaking of green teams and football I need to give a quick honorable mention to two Holy Cross guys. Alumn Scott McHenry had 184 yards receiving and a touchdown for the Huskies and Chris Bodnar, current HC QB, threw for 2 TDs and 300yds as well as scoring 2 rushing TDs. Nice work boys.


Anne-Marie said...

Pfft Scott McHenry is a hack!

Anonymous said...

Too bad you're not looking for sympathy because I have a blanky right here that I was about to mail to you. By the way, Kroeker (the Huskie's back up QB and also HC alumnus) got in the game and played pretty well.

Shane Sowden said...

Are you stuck in another blog drought???

Anonymous said...

I'm Holy Cross Alum and i got into the game... i guess nobody notices special teams anymore???