13 November 2005

First video

So Nevada and I are starting to make more of an effort to plan special dates for each other. As fun as sitting around watching TV is we need to mix it up a little. Nevada took me to this amazing interactive exhibit called Ice World at the Taipei Children's Museum of Transportation. One thing I miss in Taiwan is the Canadian cold...I'm not a fan of minus 30 but I really like snow and minus 10. It was a huge freezer and they had filled it with ice sculptors and snow activities. When we got there I didn't really think it would be that cold but it was FREEZING!!! Probably minus 15-20. It wasn't very big but they had some really cool stuff....like: an ice ship, a bear, wolves, a train, an igloo, some inuits, a slide, the Star Wars cantina w/Yoda and JarJar and the piece de resistance...a small toboggan hill. Here's a video with both Nevada and I risking our lives on this wild ride. We had a great time and can't wait to go back at Christmas time.

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karen (gonyou) robertson said...

Hey Chester. I totally know what you mean about missing cold winters. It's like between 2-20C in Kentucky now, and all these Kentuckians think it's soooooo cold. One morning it was actually 0 and no one would go outside but me and Jeff. And there is no snow, none. Halloween didn't feel like Halloween because we could sit outside with no jackets on quite comfotably to hand out candy. At least we went to an NHL game, and that felt wintery and Canadiany.

Adam said...

that's so sweet chester

you guys still know how to party down


Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had a good time! Viva la snow!

SarahJ said...

That is so sweet! That looks ten times more fun than toboganning here...mostly cuz there's ice trees that glow green in the background. Still not too sure how you miss winter...first chance I get I'm heading to warmer climates!

Anonymous said...

We now have about 1 foot of snow and it -15C in Regina. We can go sledding anytime now.

Uncle Kim

Anonymous said...

I love the video footage. Bring on more. It lets me share a bit of lives even though you are not here to see and touch.
Bet little Taiwanese go further down the hill!
Not much snow in Saskatoon, Regina has us beat. But it is really cold today but I am packing for my cruise.

Becky said...

Really cool, you guys.

It felt like -20 here, today! (ugh)

Loved the video footage. Take care!