20 November 2005

Post#2 Two Thumbs Way Up

Yesterday was the release of "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" and what a great day it was. We headed down to Warner Village to eat dinner and see a movie. Dinner was an ordeal...we waited an hour to get sat at Chili's and then they told us it would be another hour so we left...we headed to Ruby Tuesday's and it was a half hour wait so by 8 pm ish we were actually sitting in a restaurant. The food was great though so no complaints. After dinner we had to kill 3 hours because we could only get decent seats for the midnight show. So we had some Starbucks, a donut dessert, played the drum game (drumming arcade game) and did some people watching. Finally midnight arrived and although I was ready to fall asleep it was time to be wowed. It was so worth the wait!!! This movie was suspenseful, funny, action packed, a bit dark and filled with great special effects. It was the beauty of Lord of the Rings but with a story actually worth caring about...(I realize that is a controversial statement but I'm not a big fan of L.O.T.R.) I don't want to say much about the movie itself but it's so worth seeing. I do want to warn that it's a bit on the dark side...a little more mature than you might imagine so be cautious with young ones. Although I don't read these books I've been really impressed with all of the Harry Potter films so if you're looking for a break from the norm and a fun night out check out this flick.

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SarahJ said...

I'm SO EXCITED to see Harry Potter!! I haven't gone yet..but it's good to hear that it's another classic Harry Potter film! YAY!