20 November 2005

Post#4 Food, Friends and Fun

Tonight Nevada's school put on a Thanksgiving Dinner....American Thanksgiving that is. It was nice to have a big turkey dinner...with potatoes, gravy, veg and dessert. I'm not a big fan of those traditional style meals but when they are few and far between they really hit the spot. The normal items were ok but I was particularily blown away by the amazing pepper crusted corned beef. MMMmmm....Corned Beef....!!! It was also nice to see some of our friends...our normal Friday night Amazing Race nice was off this week so it feels like we didn't bond like we normally do. I especially had fun sharing some banter with a couple of the other teachers. After the dinner we headed to the Bush family residence...not the George W. Bush's. I've been playing basketball with Josh Bush for the last few months and I'm even coaching b-ball with him now so it was great to see his home and be welcomed in. It was especially nice of them to share their ice cream bounty with us...I had the pleasure of a Coke float. A group of us were there and when we get together it usually means games. I was at the Settlers table and although I scored 9 points it wasn't meant to be. Congrats K.K. It was a fun night an I felt a little taste of home.

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Shane Sowden said...

What team are you helping coach???