27 January 2006

Coffee addict?

I had my first bad experience as a coffee drinker and ironically I didn't even drink any coffee. I make a pot of coffee pretty much everyday (it's only a little 4 cupper) but for some reason I just wasn't feeling it on Tuesday....so I didn't make any. Bad idea...by mid day I was starting to get a headache and by the evening it was a terrible headache that put me out of commission. To be fair...it may not have been caused by a lack of coffee (caffeine) but it leans in that direction. It was awful...I felt like crap. I thought that only happened to 8-10 cup-a-day people but I felt the wrath of caffeine on this intermediate drinker's body. The next day I had some coffee and voila the headache was gone. It sort of scares me that my body needs that caffeine but there are worse thing to be hooked on. I really enjoy coffee and have very few days where I don't feel like having a cup. Right now I'm enjoying a cup of Casi Cielo which I raved about in an earlier post.

Another new coffee drinker stage in my life is that I can almost drink it black. I use just a wee bit of sugar but sometimes I can barely taste it. My favorite is still a few pumps of Hazelnut syrup but when I'm at home the black is starting to work for me. I am determined to develop a more sophisticated pallette....at this stage I can tell Tim's and Starbucks apart and that's about it.


Tom said...

Black is definately where it's at. Black like my heart. I'm currently enjoying a lack of coffee headache myself. That's when you know it's time to start cutting back.

Anonymous said...

I also like Broadway Roastery's Vietnamese iced coffee- I watched them make it once:
a spoonful of brown sugar in the bottom of a tall coffee cup,add a good shot of dark roast. Stir and add ice cubes to fill the glass.Then add cream glorious cream cut with milk if you like to fill the cup. Yummmmm.-Judy Hickey