09 January 2006

I am ignorant

I was just reading my best friend Tom's blog and I noticed he had a new blog poll. He asks the question...who will you be voting for in the upcoming federal election? Liberal, NDP, Conservatives or Other. Here's where I have to admit that I suck. I've never voted yet...I voted in one mayoral election but nothing provincial or federal. I'm one of those crappy Canadians who values democracy but doesn't participate. The main reason is that I never know what anyone stands for...I don't research, I don't follow the candidates and by the time the election day arrives I don't feel that I'm properly equipped to throw a vote in any direction. I also sort of feel that we're damned if we do and damned if we don't. If we vote for one guy he'll let us down in some area and another guy will let us down in a different area....so what does it really matter. As I am living in Taiwan I won't be voting in this upcoming election...but I will however promise here and now on this blog to particpate in the experience next time I live in Canada during election season. I will pay attention...I will read....I will care!!!


Allison said...

You do know that you can vote even if you are not in Canada, right?

SarahJ said...

I have to say that unfortunately I am the exact same as you. I really do value that we have the freedom to vote in Canada, but I usually am not bothered to find out what each of the parties stand for. The question is then, is it better to not vote at all or to make an uninformed vote?