22 January 2006

We are the champions!

Yesterday was the year end JVB (gr.7-9) girls basketball tournament at Bethany. I've had the honor of working with some great girls this year and yesterday we capped off a great season. We went undefeated this year and won the tournament against the two-defending champions from Morrison Academy in Taichung. Our run and gun style of play overwhelmed the other teams who struggled just to get shots at the net. There were a few defensive battles in the tourney...some games finished 12-07, 11-5...our team scored at least 30 in everygame. I should clarify that due to rain we weren't able to use the second court which was outdoor so we played 20 minute games all day. When I started coaching this year I have to admit that I wasn't sure I could work with girls but they won me over and really did a great job of improving. I realized that no matter what the quality of play is it's about getting people into basketball and watching them enjoy the game. I'll leave you with a few pics of me, the team and Josh the head coach.

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Melissa said...

Congrats on the wins! I don't think I knew you were coaching.