17 January 2006

Writer's block...

I've been working a lot lately on a big writing project...it's kind of zapped my desire to write just for the fun of it and therefore the lack of blogging. Also, nothing really exciting or inspiring is happening right now in my life...sort of in a state of normalcy and I find creativity hard to come by. As I have nothing much to write about I thought I would share some fun pictures with you.

The first one is of our homeade Christmas tree. We didn't spend much time looking for a normal fake tree....just figured they would be next to impossible to find. Later on our friend Arianne gave us a little tree but I liked our mod-cutout-tree so we kept them both up.

We were also short on angels and stars to put on top of the tree so we had to improvise. It was important to acknowledge the reason for the season and what better way than to put Jesus himself on the tree.

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arimich <> said...

Your Christmas trees were awesome! I liked your first tree too; it goes really well with your apartment decor.