27 February 2006

Canucks leave hockey tournament with no medal

I bet you thought that title was a late statement about the Canadian Olympic team...you are wrong. This weekend I was down in Kaohsiung playing basketball with my team and I was fortunate enough to check out the Taiwan Ball Hockey tournament that was put on by some friends in Kaohsiung. There were teams from all over the island as well as a team from Hong Kong...there may have been some teams from elsewhere but I didn't bother to get the full rundown. Anyways...that's right...hockey in February in 29 degree heat at the oceanside. The local team "the K-Town Canucks" was ousted in the semi-finals by the Hong Kong Nordiques. The team Canada replica jerseys jinxed them...this just isn't the year for Canadian hockey. And even though I'm not a big hockey guy I realize that deep down in all Canadians is an interest and dare I say love for the game...I was cheering them on and felt right at home in this outdoor cement rink. Maybe it was my stored up hockey energy that wasn't used on following the olympic team. Well better luck next year to all Canucks....except Vancouver....go Oilers!!!

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