22 February 2006

Fresh faces

I've made some additions and subtractions to my "Bloggers" links on the right. I would first like to say a sad goodbye to friends Carrie, Jeb and Mike G who have all retired from the blog world. Jeb in particular was one of the first bloggers I knew of and was an early inspiration. But on a happy note I have added a few new names...Jared: a friend, a brother and a loaf, Kim: my cousin-in-law who fights for the rights of the forgotten in Canada (the western canadians), and in an unprecendented move I've added a whole new sub-heading for my best friend Tom and his family. I know of no other family who have that many blogs... a family that blogs together stays together??? although I am waiting for some of the brothers to join the craze. Happy reading everyone...go check out some new stuff.


Jared Nordick said...

Ah, yes... a loaf indeed.

The Bear said...

John Hickey's Blog :http://phphhf.blogspot.com