07 March 2006

Moving forward

Just to clarify about my last post. I have been feeling a lot of hurt in my life for a while now. There isn't something happening right now that is causing these feelings it's just that I've bottled up a lot and it's been eating at me. I need to get free of some of the stuff weighing me down. I think I might be sending some e-mails to confront some of the people in my life...I'm sure that some of them don't know they are a part of the hurt. I hope that opening some dialogue with people will help to mend things and allow my spirit some freedom.

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Glenn said...

I've gotten a lot of help in my lifetime with my stuff from good Christian counselors. My Dad died when I was 8 and I had a tough adjustment to my Step-Dad and I'm a fallen broken person on top of all that. So reach out and talk to someone who can hear it all -- no editing -- and let you know you're still worthwhile and significant. Because you are!