09 March 2006

My enemy The Scale

As a fat person I can say that one of the biggest enemies in my life is the scale. You know how people will say to you..."I have good news and bad news. What do you want to hear first?" Well the scale never offers me those choices...it only ever has bad news. However this week my relationship with the scale may have taken a turn in a positive direction. I was at basketball on Tuesday and decided to do a few bicep curls in the weight room just to blow off some steam....I saw my enemy across the room....we made eye contact...he giggled...and I accepted the challenge. I walked over and stood on him...he made pig noises and asked "how are the cheeseburgers treating you?". But to my surprise the scale had good news. There were no lights on in the room so it was tough to read but I looked closely and saw 118 kgs. That's 260lbs...Some of you are saying 260 is good??? Here's the reality...I came to Taiwan weighing 292...I was approaching the magical 300 (ask my mom...she has a cheer about 300lbs). I'm not sure if the scale was super accurate this week but even if I'm down to 270 I'll be happy (for now). It's hard for regular sized people to understand what a battle it is but I'm so happy that I'm fighting the battle and making progress.

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Melissa said...

Congrats! That's great news! I've been avoiding the enemy since my medical when I got back after being in Canada. I hope I can have good news like that next time I meet the enemy.