24 March 2006

Off to the Philippines

In 6 hours I'm meeting my rugby teamates and we're headed to Manila for a rugby tour I will never forget...or so I'm told. I am both excited and scared. Philippines doesn't have a great reputation and is often politically unstable. So I'm worried about potential violence and troubles. I'm also worried about the extent of debauchery my teamates may be involved in. I don't mind a party or two but I'm not into strippers and hookers and such. Don't get me wrong...not all of my teamates are like that but many of them seem excited about the posibilities in Manila. That's just not my scene as a Christian and as a happily married man. The rugby is supposed to be fantastic...the most competitive tourney in Asia...I'm excited to let loose and see how well I can play.

So if you could...please pray for my safety and moral strength. And pray that I stay safe on the field. I'll be back on the blog in a few days with pics and stories...Have a great weekend everybody!!!


Melissa said...

I hope you have a great time and good luck with the games. I will pray for safety and that you won't be put in troubling situations. I look forward to hearing about your weekend.

Tom said...

Will to Geigs. I like the new pic.

Glenn said...

Got it -- praying. I admire your courage to even ask for prayer about this -- most guys just barge in and hope for the best. You've made a wise choice already.