05 March 2006


Apparently my audience has their minds in the gutter. I got three comments making reference to the dirty things one can do in the dark. For the first time ever I didn't even see the that side of the issue. I'm always the one with inappropriate thoughts and this time I was the innocent one. You should all feel ashamed....hahaha


Hilary said...

Sorry chester, no shame here. I hope everything is going okay even though your last blog doesn't really lead me to believe that at all. "Cheer up Charlie.. you'll get that magic chocolate bar" ( you know,that song from Willie Wonka when Charlie's sad cuz he didn't get the golden ticket?! No?)

Glenn said...

Now Chester -- what's this about sex beindirty. What I was talking about was one of the most beautiful God-honoring things a person could possibly do with their spouse.

When I was your pastor you never heard me preach that "sex is a horrible dirty awful thing and you should save it for the one you love". It is an amazing awesome gift from God to be enjoyed frequently passionately and generously over a lifetime with the one you've married.

Thanks for giving me a chance to preach about one of my favorite topics! May the lights go out more often.