15 April 2006

Final Shminal

I write my correspondence class final in 3 hours. I'm freaking out a bit because I am underprepared and I haven't written a test in quite some time now. I'm usually a decent exam writer but I'm a little rusty and I can feel it in the way I am currently lacking the ability to formulate academic thoughts. I've prepared a few answers to potential questions but if they aren't there I'm in trouble. It's also been tough to focus with the arrival in Taiwan of my good friend Tim. He got here yesterday morning 6 am. We had a good day hanging out but I definitely was not fully tuned in to my studying last night. Please pray that it all goes well and that I pass the class...
Update: I wrote it...It's done...I probably passed it...now I have some stress free visiting to do with Tim.

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Tom said...

Remember...always pick "c"