18 April 2006

Tourist travels

On Monday Tim and I headed out on the town to see some of the more "touristy" things in Taipei: The National Palace Museum, The Martyr's Shrine, The Grand Hotel and the Chiang Kai-Shek. I have to be honest and say that these sort of things don't really appeal to me. I've been to the NPM before and I didn't have a good time...it took about 3 hours to look around and most of the stuff was very repetitious...however this time it was scaled down due to renovations. It only took us an hour and was actually quite pleasant. And because I was a bit more savy this time I led us to this park beside the museum that had some beatiful nature, a nice sitting area and a path for us to follow. It's always nice to get a taste of nature in the city. We made it to the Martyr's Shrine 2 mins to closing time. We walked in, looked around, took a few pics and then they told us to go. It was strange...why let someone in if you're closing in 1 minute? Then we checked out the Grand Hotel. I had never been there and it was super impressive. From the outside it's big and nice but the inside was stunning. The lobby area was decked out in very tradtional Chinese style and it was very ornate. At night I was dead tired but we managed to walk to CKS Memorial and check it out. I've been there many times so it was a bit boring but Tim dug it. That's about it and now we're at Sun Moon Lake...I'll post about that later and we might even have a video for y'all.
Tim at the NPM
Me, Tim and some statue
Guards at Martyr's Shrine
More guards
Grand Hotel

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Glenn said...

You listed some of my favourite places in Taipei. I especially enjoy the Grand Hotel lobby. I try to have a coffee and dessert there just to feel rich and famous for a few minutes.

Did CKS memorial have a copy of his last will and testament in Chinese? It mentions the importance of Jesus Christ to a successful life and was a great point of conversation with some of my Buddhist hosts.

Enjoy. Wish I was there.