27 July 2006


Last night Nevada, Mikala and I went into Calgary to hang out with my life long friends Ted and Scott and their lovely lady friends Kaitlin and Joanne. It was a lot of fun. We had a few drinks and reminisced about the past. Many of the stories we tell are incriminating but they are also so entertaining. We took our turns roasting each other, threatening drop kicks, playing paper scissor stone, performing around the room etc. It was a wonderful moment for me. With all of us living in different places and rarely seeing each other nights like that are becoming increasingly special. Ted was truly sold on the fact that we hadn't been together in 8 years....even though I only got married 5 years ago and we were all in the wedding party...I believe the barley and hops were making Ted's decisions. But truth be told it has been a while since we've all hung out. I hope we get the chance to do that more often....

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