31 August 2006

Anti-perspirant stains

From the onset of puberty until just recently I was a loyal deoderant user. I shyed away from anti-perspirant because it often irritated my armpits and it always crumbled when I tried to use it. When deoderant stopped cutting it I made the switch. So I've been an anti-perspirant user for just over a year now. That being said, it brings me to my issue of the day: Anti-Perspirant stains. What's up with that? I went out today in a tanktop and much to my chagrin my armpits left big white stains on the straps of my backpack. That's no good. I want the protection without the milky pits. I also realize that they make clear antiperspirant these days and I should've hopped on the bandwagon but that doesn't take away from the faulty design of the white style stuff. I've also noticed that a few of my shirts are getting permanent pit marks. You can't see it from the outside, just on the inside but c'mon. Moral of the story is anti-perspirant works better but has a faulty white goo problem.


Reagan said...

This dilemma has been around since the dawn of anti perspirants, lol. I don't know if they will ever solve it. I have the supposedly "invisible" type....but they still leave marks, so you either have to smell or have white marks on your clothes.

mumsy said...

Hi Chris Home remedies for persperation stains:
Old stains-they are an alkaline stain so you have to neutralize them. Rinse with cold water then apply white vinegar or lemon juice before washing.
For everyday- fresh persp.- rinse with cold water and apply a paste of baking soda and water or 1/4 cup ammonia to 2 1/2 cups water.Keep this in a spray bottle and always pre-treat your shirts after wearing.