08 October 2006

Church Newsletter Humour

This was included as a reflection at the end of this week's newsletter at our church. I'll let you find the humor in it:

We saw "What Dreams May Come" for the Movie Night last week. The movie portrayed what I imagined heaven to be before I became a Christian. What could be better than living in our own world of imagination, I used to think. Now I realize that our imagination is so limiting and a world that revolves around me would be so boring and unsatisfying. Now I desire the heaven in the Bible, a world that revolves around the infinite God with His infinite love. The discussion we had after the movie also inspired me to be a better witness to the people who still don't know Chris. The movie nights have been a great source of fellowship and encouragement for my week. I would love to see more of you there!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I found it.
Without the cross as the end, it wouldn't happen. He gave His life for you but only through Him can others find eternal life.
Besides the people in your church know you as Chester.